Saturday, February 20, 2010

Twisted pomegranate & Azalea

These two trees were rescued from my damaged cold frame

The first one is a twisted pomegranate that had roots growing out of the bottom of the pot & into the ground. when I moved the pot, the root continued to grow in the ground over the next 2 yrs & became this small tree. It had a deep taproot which needed to be cut off. This left it with few feeder roots.

After having cut off the tap root I potted it up in a Styrofoam box with my bonsai mix and did some preliminary pruning

The 2nd is an Azalea I had planed to plant this into one of my growing beds and let let this grow into a nice sized bonsai. Since so many of the branches are broken I decided to make it into a smaller bonsai maybe a "shohin"?

It was in a 3 gal. pot this is the root ball out of the container

This is after drastic root pruning. The only reason I'm doing this at the wrong time, is because I have a greenhouse & can control the temperature. Normally azaleas aren't re potted until after the blooms fade or if you don't care about the flowers, in early spring.

To add further insult or injury to this shrub you should not cut the roots and make major cuts to the trunk & or branches at the same time, as I have done here.
As a result the shrub has less than a 50/50 chance of survival.......but I feel lucky punk!

This Azalea had a lot of feeder roots and is reasonably healthy and its already been through a lot. I potted it in my soil mix & peat moss and I'm watering it with rain water.

So here it is in its new home I'm not going to cut on it any more just hope it recuperates......... wish me luck!

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