Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scary 'Fukien' Tea

This is my scary Fukien Tea about 30 yrs old it looks scary huh?

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  1. I just purchased a small, 2-year-old fukien tea bonsai from Bent Tree. Mr. Hernandez ("Ray") was extremely helpful, giving me many tips and tricks on how to allow my new tree flourish. I've been interested in bonsai ever since I was a kid--probably from watching too much "Karate Kid" with its infamous character Mr. Miyagi. One way or the other, I've been unable to keep a tree alive for very long. Ray's advice will likely give my new bonsai garden of two trees new hope of survival and growth.

    On this "scary" fukien tea, I was impressed with its thickness when I saw it up close. However, I would describe the tree as "experienced" as opposed to scary. Aged bonsai trees strike me mostly as gentle and comely, instead of intimidating. Even with its gnarls and scars, this tree seems like it has an interesting tale for those who will listen. Thanks, Ray, for showing it me.