Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I got this buttonwood from a friend and he offered me a "good deal" which I've come to consider more of a gift. Reason was because he didn't have time to train it as it deserves and trusted I'd do a good job on it so he practically let me have it.

When I got it, it was in bad shape, it had scale and leggy growth. I got it in early spring and after 2 months in my posession it still had no signs of buds.

Finally one day in April the buds showed up and I went into Edward Scissorhands mode and trimmed it all around and left two leaves on all the branches I chose to keep for the final design to promote back budding. After the new leaves reach 1/4" to 1/2" in length I plan to cut all the old leaves in half to and repeat as necessary to reduce leaf size, promoted back budding to bald areas and to densify leaf pads. The new buds will form in the axils of half-leaves remaining on the tree and emerge as a pairs of leaves.

***UPDATE 1 - 06/10/2009***

It's almost summer and my buttonwood is still budding all over. As it buds back I cut whatever is above the bud which is not going to be a part of my final design. Therefore, the energy is redirected towards the trunk and not wasted on higher up buds and leaves. I also got a new pot and is looking good what do you think?

UPDATE 06-26-2009

I'm doing windswept, wired all branches, and lime sulfured dead wood. Won't touch until next spring.

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