Friday, May 22, 2009

Desert Rose

Adenium obesum - Desert rose It is an evergreen succulent shrub in tropical climates and semi-deciduous to deciduous in cloder climates.
You will have to use a xeric watering regime much like watering cacti. Plant in an acid soil mix with plenty of peat moss and coarse sand. Make sure your soil mix drains really well.

Responds to sunshine and fertilization, I like to use time release pellets.Blooms all year long in temperate climates.

Pests: Aphids usually can be eradicated with safe soap, caterpillers can occasionally defolliate a shrub, but not to worry it will grow new leaves back.

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  1. Thanks Ray!

    I met Ray today and me and my wife had a wonderful time learning about the different choices.

    We really like the Desert Rose we picked!

    Ray put it in a very nice pot and showed us how to trim and water properly, which was the best service we have ever received!