Monday, April 13, 2009

Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm before and after repot.

This is what I potted it on:

I set a base layer of lava rock size 1/4th of an inch as drainer, followed by a layer of organic compost around the root system topped with worm castings. Then I filled the pot with a layer of my mix which is 1/8th -1/4th sifted lava/pine bark/Akadama and topped with a thin layer of 1/8th calcined clay for dressing.

I also trimmed all the twigs and left the 2-3 leaves per twig (which are the smallest) which took about 2 hours, to induce leaf reduction.

UPDATE 06-23-2009

Now that the tree has settled in the pot after the repot and has strong new growth, I wired all of the branches which took about 2 days (4 hours total). And took a nice pic.


  1. Hi-Eric,you did a terrific job on trimming the tree, this chinese elm has been in training for about 8 yrs.& has been in that pot for 3yrs.Nice new pot. The buttonwood looks good also you should get good back budding on it as time goes by. Don't forget with your soil mix as porous as it is you have to have good fertilization. The wisteria looks great in that pot.After it blooms you should consider trimming it back to that 1st.branch if it is alive & try making that the new apex. One other observation it is too centered in the middle of the pot,it should be off center to the right or left but not the center of the pot. The same goes for the chinese elm,other wise you've done a great job,congrats!!! Ray

  2. Thanks so much for all this info. Your photos are just beautiful.

  3. Hi Meg I'm happy you got the info & photos from my blog,I hope you found it useful.Keep an eye out on my blog we're just getting started many more photos & info to come. G'day mate! Ray Hernandez